Ceiling Light Fixtures

Panel Recessed Lighting   

  • LED Panel lights are used for residential industrial and commercial lighting. Recessed lights are mostly used for offices, hotels, homes, banquet halls, plazas, retail outlets. stores. Installed by contractors, electricians general contractors. 
  • Getting the right LED Panel lights from top brands; we carry mostly  3000k (warm) 4000k (daylight white) 5000k (cool white) drop ceiling panel lights. Back-lit light panel light fixtures for the 2' x 4', 2' x 2' wattage changeable lights are available with us.
  • Other sizes available - 3inch slim panel, 3inch gimbal, 4Inch Slim panel, 4inch gimbal, 6inch slim panel, 2x4 panel light, 2x2 panel light.
  • Most color temperatures like 6000k are also available with us. We also have the 3cct and 5cct select able color temperatures.