14/2 BX Armoured Electrical Wire AC90


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Armored electrical cable with copper electrical wire. 14 AWG AC90 includes 2 copper wires and one ground wire. Used in dry locations only, for open and concealed electrical wiring as well as cable troughs and ventilated flexible cableways.

  • AC90 armored electrical cable is manufactured using copper conductors with PVC/nylon insulation and a bare copper ground wire wrapped with bare interlocked aluminum armor.
  • The Minimum recommended installation temperature is minus 10°C. CSA cold temperature rating is minus 25°C.
  • The maximum allowable conductor temperature is 90°C.
  • The maximum voltage rating for all intended applications is 600V.
  • Consult the most recent Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) or a licensed electrician for further information related to applications.
  • Price, availability, and gauge size will vary by location, 

The 14/2 BX Armoured Electrical Wire AC90 is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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