14/2 NMWU Underground Copper Wire


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14/2 NMWU Wire for Outdoor Electrical Applications

  • 14/2 NMWU wire is a versatile and durable electrical cable commonly used in residential and commercial wiring applications. This type of wire is specifically designed for use in wet or damp locations, making it suitable for outdoor installations or areas prone to moisture exposure.
  • The "14/2" designation indicates the wire gauge (14) and the number of insulated conductors (2) within the cable.
  • NMWU stands for Non-Metallic Wet Underground, denoting its robust construction and suitability for direct burial in the ground.
  • This wire is widely employed for applications such as outdoor lighting, underground wiring for outdoor structures, and other situations where protection against moisture is crucial, providing a reliable and safe electrical solution for various construction and landscaping projects.
Life is too short to live without the 14/2 NMWU Underground Copper Wire. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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