2-Pin 8mm LED Light Strip to Wire Connectors


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2-Pin 8mm LED Light Strip to Wire Connectors, specifically designed for COB Unwired Clips. The connectors are solderless, allowing for easy installation and extension of Single Color LED Strip Lights.

  • Achieve a seamless connection for your COB light strips with our 2-pin to wire connector. No soldering required, simply insert the strip lights into both ends and close the cover for a gapless connection.
  • This connector allows for seamless connection of COB strip lights and is compatible with non-waterproof strip lights, such as SMD3528,2835,3014, 5v, 12v, and 24v single color strips. It is designed for use with both two-pin and IP20 docking. strip etc., but not for 5mm, 10mm, 12mm width led strips, CCT Tunable, rgb led strip
  • Simplify the connection process with this clip. Use your fingernail to easily open and align the strip's light source with the connector pins. Then, secure a stable and reliable connection by closing the transparent cover. Say goodbye to troublesome connectors that cannot be opened or reused.
  • This product features an ultra-thin design that allows for seamless connection of two light bar sections without any gaps, creating a continuous beam of light with no interruptions. Additionally, the transparent and slim design makes it effortless to conceal within the channel.
  • Safe and reliable connection. The ends of the connector pins pierce into the two solder joints of the LED strip lights for an easy, stable and reliable connection. More intuitive than older light strip connectors and higher one-time success rate. Get a more intuitive, stable, and reliable connection for your LED strip lights with these 2-Pin 8mm LED Light Strip to Strip Connectors. Unlike older connectors, the ends of these pins pierce easily into the solder joints, resulting in a higher one-time success rate. Trust the industry experts and upgrade your lighting setup today.
The 2-Pin 8mm LED Light Strip to Wire Connectors is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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