288W Driver 24V Dim Class2


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Constant Voltage LED Driver cUL Listed  Class2 120VAC input 288W DC 24V 4A*3 ELV/MLV/Triac Dimmable Electronic Transformer SET-J Series

  • Constant Voltage type It is a reliable design that ensures consistent output voltage across all load conditions.
  • Triac/Phase-cut/ELV/MLV dimming This product is designed to work with a range of dimming technologies, from Triac to MLV, providing reliable dimming control over a wide range of lighting solutions.
  • PF>0.95, dimming range: 1-100%, flicker-free This device is exceptionally reliable, with a power factor greater than 0.95. Plus, you'll have total control over the dimming range with perfect dimming from 1-100%. And best of all, you can enjoy flicker-free lighting for a superior experience.
  • Triac Dim Mode: forward phase/ reverse phase/ MLV/ ELV It's an intuitive and customizable dimming solution, offering the flexibility to control the brightness of the light for each individual configuration.
  • Short-circuit, over-load protection It prevents electrical components from becoming damaged due to short-circuit or overload, providing a safe experience.
  • High-quality aluminum housing for dry, damp, wet location The durable aluminum housing ensures reliable performance in any indoor or outdoor environment.
  • Super low loading request, works perfect at 20-100% load This product is designed to handle a broad range of load levels, with a minimum load requirement of just 20%. Making it the perfect choice for many applications.

120VAC input 288W DC 24V EL/MLV/triac dimming led electronic transformers, dimming range 0-100%, ultra-low load requirements, to work perfectly at 20-100% load requirements, UL certified for use in North American residential lighting and commercial lighting projects. Dimensions 10.15"L x 4.74"W x1.65"H

Mounting Instructions
1. This driver must be installed in a space that is adequately ventilated and does not contain any flammable gases or vapors.
Airculation is essential for heat dissipation.
2. For optimal performance, the distance between each LED driver should be at least 4" (100mm) apart.
3. Install the driver away from heat sources for peak performance. Placing it vertically is the top choice.
4. Choose a spot that can easily handle the product's weight. The perfect place for installation that ensures it will robustly handle everyday use.
5. Mount this product with ease using the provided tabs on both the right and left sides of the driver.

Life is too short to live without the 288W Driver 24V Dim Class2. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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