2x2ft Back-Lit Panel 3CCT 120~347V


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30W-50W Color Selectable LED Flat Panel, 2x2FT, 3CCT 120~277V, Dimmable, 5000 Lumens, Recessed Lay-in Office Light Fixture, UL DLC Approved.

  • Explore various color options with our 3CCT 2x2ft Back-Lit Panel. Easily switch between warm white (3000K), daylight (4000K), and cool white (5000K) to find the perfect lighting for your space.
  • WATTAGE SELECT-ABLE - Adjust options for these dimmable LED troffer panel light with the choice of using 30 watts, 40 watts, or 50 watts. Depending on your space, you can switch to a higher wattage if you need more light throughout your space. Using 30W 3300 lumens, 40W 4400 lumens, and 50W 5500 lumens of bright lighting! Move between these wattage with a flick of the switch which is also found on the side of the driver. Effortlessly light up any space with the convenience of adjustable wattage. With options of 30W, 40W, or 50W, you can customize your lighting to fit your needs. Whether you need a subtle glow or a bright beam, this dimmable LED troffer panel light has got you covered. Plus, with the easy flick of a switch, you can easily change between wattages at any time.
  • EASY T BAR INSTALLATION - A simple and convenient 2 x 2 LED panel which can be installed into your drop ceiling, utilized with a surface mounting kit, or a suspension kit for hanging from the ceiling with ease. With the side mounted driver, each fixture is only 1.37 inches thick making it suitable for low profile ceilings. Ideal for commercial, hospital, school, shop, supermarket, office, basement, garage, or any place requiring efficient LED ceiling panel lights. Simple and versatile installation options make this LED panel the perfect choice for any setting. Easily adjust to your needs with drop ceiling, surface mounting, or suspension kits. And at only 1.37 inches thick, it's great for low profile ceilings. Choose this panel for an efficient and practical lighting solution in commercial, hospital, school, shop, supermarket, office, basement, garage, or any other space.
  • EVENLY DISTRIBUTED LIGHT - Built with an astounding 50,000 hours of lifetime which means no replacement will be needed for the next 4-5 years! Each LED panel kit uses back-lit lighting which offers soft and uniform light distribution through your space, sturdier construction which is harder to bend, and no yellowing over time. With the 0-10V dimmable capabilities, you can also reduce from 100% to 10% light for a pleasant atmosphere at any time. With an impressive 50,000-hour lifetime, this LED panel ensures that you won't have to worry about replacements for the next 4-5 years. Its back-lit design offers evenly distributed light, creating a soft and uniform atmosphere throughout your space. This sturdier construction is designed to withstand bending and won't yellow over time. Plus, with 0-10V dimmable capabilities, you can easily adjust the light from 100% to 10% for the perfect setting at any time.
  • RELIABLE LIGHTING - Our LED light panels provide you high quality indoor and outdoor lighting with the 3 color temperature adjustable switch and 3 wattage select able switch attached to each fixture. Every panel light fixture allows multi-installation set up, is damp rated for reliability, IC air tight insulation contact safe and UL Listed, DLC premium rated, 120V and 347V hardwired capable, and backed by a 5 YEAR WARRANTY. Efficient and versatile lighting that adapts to your needs. Our LED light panels offer 3 color temperature options and wattage adjustments for optimal energy usage. They are also damp rated and safely insulated, making them ideal for various installations. UL Listed and DLC premium rated, you can trust in the reliability of these lights with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY.

Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the 2x2ft Back-Lit Panel 3CCT 120~347V is for you.

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