LED String Light Vintage 25ft 12Bulbs 2Watt S14


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Outdoor String Lights-25Ft with 12bulb S14 (Plus 1 Spare Bulb) distance 1ft each light LED Vintage Warm Color Bulbs Thick ETL approved Waterproof Hanging  socket base, black

  • Light52.com LED Vintage string high quality market lights sits well on a pergola to set the mood in your patio. These LED 2Watt strings with exposed filaments give off a warm glow reminiscent of old world bistros. The lights are bright enough to BBQ by without a flashlight, but dim enough not to overwhelm. Perfect for every mood. Get ready to elevate your outdoor space with these vintage LED string lights. Bright enough to keep your BBQ lit, yet not too overwhelming, these lights have a warm glow reminiscent of old-world charm. Transform your patio into a bistro and create the perfect atmosphere for any mood.
  • Light52.com Use vintage bistro lights for a light canopy at your wedding reception, birthday party, or other event. You can also string them straight, or wrap them in trees for unique shapes. These lights are also very popular with indoor decor for restaurants, bars, corridors, basement, in fact you can hang them anywhere on joist. Elevate any event with vintage bistro lights. Perfect for weddings, birthday parties, and other gatherings, these lights can be arranged in a light canopy or wrapped around trees for added ambiance. Don't limit yourself to outdoors - these lights are also a popular choice for indoor decor in restaurants, bars, corridors, and basements. Get creative and hang them anywhere on joists.
  • Light52.com UL certified LED heavy duty string light are waterproof withstands cold - wind - rain, comes with industrial grade shielded strong wire, flexible cord is thicker than a traditional rope. Safely illuminate any outdoor space with these rugged commercial grade LED string lights. Enjoy peace of mind knowing they are waterproof, weather resistant, and durable enough to withstand even the harshest elements. Plus, the flexible and thick cord makes it easy to install and move around as needed.
  • This outdoor decorative light string is very easy to install with a cable tie or cup hook, also comes with a loop hole for connecting with string, wire, ties or clips; suit the requirement to fix it or place it anywhere as you need. flexible and practical, a light bulb that goes out does not affect other lighting bulbs. They can be linked to 32strings with the 25ft 12bulbs LED lights. Experience the convenience and versatility of our LED string lights. With a cable tie or cup hook, installation is a breeze. Plus, our lights are designed for easy connection to other strings, wires, ties, or clips. Don't let one light bulb ruin your experience - the rest will continue to shine brightly. And for larger spaces, you can connect up to 32 strings with our 25ft, 12 bulb LED lights.

Great lights for balcony garden pergola patio gazebo tent BBQ market cafe umbrella wedding decor shops outdoor and indoor use. The set of light include 25ft string - LED 13bulbs 2W - 12 hooks and 12 ties for installation. Transform your outdoor space with this versatile, stylish LED string light set. Perfect for any occasion, this 25ft string includes 12 bulbs and all the accessories needed for easy installation. Enjoy the ambience and energy efficiency of LED lighting while creating the perfect atmosphere for all your outdoor gatherings and events.


The LED String Light Vintage 25ft 12Bulbs 2Watt S14 destined to impress, and priced at only $46.00, for a limited time.

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