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LED COB RGB strip light 5M


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RGB Smart IC COB LED Strip Light Addressable 16.4ft/5m, 450chips 12V and 24V Color Flowing Strip Light Multicolor Flexible Tape Light for TV,Bedroom, Party DIY Decoration (Without Controller&Adapter)

  • COB RGB Smart COB LED Strip Light with. By using an addressable LED controller, you can set the color, mode, and speed of the light strip according to the pixels on the light strip. Unlock endless possibilities of light display with the Smart COB LED Strip Light! Seamlessly customize and create eye-catching visual experiences that live up to your creative vision.
  • Unlike regular RGB Smart IC LED strip lights, 16.4ft RGB Smart IC addressable COB LED strip light (working voltage 24V) has almost no dark spots. 24V working voltage, 12 watts per meter (3.66 watts per foot), measured power 63 watts for 16.4ft, 3150 LEDs in total, brighter than 12V! More continuous light Create a more dynamic atmosphere with endless lighting possibilities - get creative with dazzling displays that create an eye-catching spectacle.
  • RGB COB LED strip light designed in 12mm width & 3 electrical lines is very flexible. The strip is cut able and connectable. You can cut or connect the strip every along the cutting point.Connectors for this strip are not available now, but you can solder by yourself. It is recommended that you use always the solder on the wire instead of the strip. Its immersive and innovative design makes decorating your space a breeze. With endless creative possibilities, you can create the perfect lighting setup for any occasion.
  • Colorful and dreamy atmosphere lights can provide great help for your life and entertainment! It not only makes you relax but also enriches your life! Symphony RGB Smart IC COB LED Strip is very suitable for installation in many scenes such as home, bar, entertainment hall, coffee shop, party, dance, etc. You can customize the color on the strip light by using the controller of your choice. Bring life to your space with vibrant, customizable lighting. Whether you're entertaining or simply unwinding, set the perfect mood and add a touch of style to your home.
The LED COB RGB strip light 5M destined to impress, and priced at only $24.00, for a limited time.

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