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25 LED bulbs, 25ft of waterproof light, and warm white G40 Solar String Lighting a great choice for outdoor decor such as patios, gardens, backyards, camping, pergolas, gazebos, umbrellas, parties, weddings, and holidays.

  • πŸ’‘ DUAL CHARGING OPTIONS: G40 LED string light can be solar powered or charged by USB port. Hang string lights in your outdoor space for a magical touch. No concern for cold or rainy weather. LED bulbs are very energy saving. It can auto ON/OFF from dusk to dawn, perfect for year-round use. For cold area and cloudy weather you can recharge the battery from the USB port. All-weather functionality, plus the option to charge with the USB port make G40 LED String Light a versatile and practical choice for both indoor and outdoor use. With solar-powered and energy-saving LED bulbs, you can no longer be held back by unfavorable weather.
  • πŸ’‘ DIFFERENT LIGHTING MODES: Patio string lights have FOUR lighting modes for your mood and occasions. You can any mode for the ambience or occasion, making your patio or party a remarkable remembrance. The variable lighting options make the G40 solar light perfect for special events or everyday use, with four distinct lighting modes to choose from for the perfect atmosphere.
  • πŸ’‘ EXCELLENT QUALITY: Outdoor string light comes with 25bulbs and one extra bulb, are waterproof with black wire. It can withstand all kinds of weather very durable (but you still have to be careful with the bulbs are delicate) can be used at backyard, patio, garden, pergola, restaurants, hotel, motel lobby, party holiday ambience decor, they are the perfect solution for gentle outdoor and indoor lighting and create a cozy, relaxing space for you. Note: Use for indoor you can use the USB mode for charging The bulbs are fitted with commercial grade sockets, making them highly durable and long-lasting, and their waterproof design makes them ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. Enjoy a warm, inviting space without worrying about the weather, no matter where you are..
  • πŸ’‘ CONVENIENT TO USE: Very easy to install the LED string lights, just make sure the solar panel is directly exposed to the sun, if use USB, you can put it anywhere. The wire is flexible, it can be horizontally fixed or used as vertical hang lights. The worry-free design allows for secure installation and optimal results no matter the space. Enjoy a no-hassle set up and the versatility of the flexible wire.
  • πŸ’‘ Light52.com CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Though we do not warranty any of the electrical and household products but quality support and immediate service is available if any problem during use of the G40 LED globe lights. Our customers are always satisfied with our quality service and attention to detail, providing you with peace of mind in your purchase of G40 LED globe lights.
Life is too short to live without the LED String lighting G40 solar light. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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