Outdoor Wall Scones 13W Photocell


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LED Wall Pack 13W Photocell 100~277V dusk to dawn light.

  • Wall sconces as expertly crafted lighting fixtures that provide both functional illumination and aesthetic appeal. Wall sconces are wall-mounted light fixtures that can be found in various designs, styles, and materials, ranging from contemporary and modern to traditional and vintage. They are expertly designed to enhance the ambience of any space, whether it's a home, office, or commercial establishment.
  • This fixture is energy-efficient and long-lasting, with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. With its IP65 protection rating, you can be sure it can handle outdoor conditions without any problems.
  • They offer focused lighting that can be used to accentuate artwork, highlight architectural features, or provide soft ambient lighting. Wall sconces are often used in areas where overhead lighting is not sufficient or desired, such as hallways, bedrooms, and living rooms.

Remember to review customer feedback, ratings, and recommendations when purchasing wall sconces online or from retailers. This can provide valuable insights into the quality, performance, and durability of different products.

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Inventory Last Updated: Oct 03, 2023